100 Deadly Skills


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From far-flung locations to our very own backyards, danger and disaster can strike at any moment, and survival comes down to preparation and knowing your enemy. Adapted by a retired Navy SEAL from the world of special operations, this manual draws on the unique skill set of a clandestine operative to radically improve your chances of coming out on top—whether you’re faced with an active shooter or the zombie apocalypse.

These 100 deadly skills, which all rely on low-tech or “no-tech” tools (because complicated instructions are the last thing you need when facing imminent peril), include:

  • Creating an every day carry kit
  • Evading an ambush
  • Escaping from an automobile trunk
  • Defeating handcuffs
  • Making an improvised gas mask
  • Disabling digital tracking devices
  • Tricking facial recognition software
  • Winning a knife fight