100 Years of American Martial Arts


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100 Years Of Martial Arts In America By Emil Farkas approx. 300 pages and over 1700 photos. Paperback. Black and white interior. This fantastic book written by Emil Farkas (co-author of the incredible Encyclopedia Of Martial Arts) is a one of a kind. The book covers the period from 1900 to present and has hundreds of amazingly rare and historically significant photos in it from President Teddy Roosevelt who trained in Judo in the dojo at the White House to the grappling craze of today. Nostalgic photos of Norris, Snipes, Bruce Lee, Robert Trias, Peter Urban and many more are included plus a selection of some of the books that changed the martial arts here in America. Authors like Draeger, Tegner, Demura, and many more have their books highlighted. Films and rare movie posters like that of Game Of Death, American Ninja, Karate Kid, Enter The Dragon and many more are included. Farkas has meticulously written a description for each photo explaining exactly what and where it was shot and who is in it. The book is divided into chapters designated by the decade so you can see the actual progression over the Century.

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