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5 Animal Frolics & 10 Moving Qigong (Difficulty: Beginner Levels and Intermediate Levels)Five Animal Frolics is called Wu Qin Xi in Chinese. In this short routine, each frolic consists of two movements and embodies the essence of the traditional long form .The 10 Moving Qigong is a great body opening routine which Uses the mind-body connection, impurities break away from the inner organs and stress is released from the body. Master Smith demonstrates both complete forms (sets) from beginning to end, then explain in detailed instruction in posture-by-posture in class room lessons. Each animal form has a special effect on a human being’s inner organ health: tiger form for liver energy flow; deer form for kidney; bear form for spleen and stomach; ape form for the heart; bird form for lungs. Five Animal Frolics can fully stimulate and awaken qi, the vital energy inside of our body, contained within the meridian channels and cavities. Through the stimulation and accumulation of qi, a person can clear out stress and sickness and may not only acquire a new sense of physical and mental energy, but create the conditions for longevity as well.

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