Advanced Practical Chin Na In-Depth DVD


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In his extensive previous Chin Na DVD series, Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming has demonstrated Chin Na speed and power training, instructed over 150 techniques, and shown several hundred applications for every kind of situation. This program focuses on interception,trapping and sealing the opponent, and keeping a sense of distance to avoid a counterattack, while successfully executing the most practical Chin Na. Dr. Yang instructs each technique and shows corrections of common mistakes as students demonstrate. Techniques presented in Course 1: Arm Wraps Around the Dragon’s Neck, Butterfly Bores Through the Flowers,Back Turning, Forward Wrist Press,Upward Wrist Press,Low Inward Wrist Press,Hands Prop a Large Beam,Prop Up Elbow, heaven King Supports the Pagoda,Upward Elbow Press,Large Python Turns Its Body,Lion Worships the Buddha, Large Elbow Wrap ,Low Outward Wrist Press ,Luo Han Bows ⬢ Small Elbow Wrap ,Old Man Promoted to General ,One Post to Support the Heavens Techniques presented in Course 2: Pressing Shoulder with a Single Finger and Extending the Neck for Water ,Spiritual Dragon Waves Its Tail , Reverse Elbow Wrap , Push the Boat to Follow the Stream , Lion Shakes Its Head , Send the Devil to Heaven , Small Wrap Hand , Sparrow Hawk Shakes Its Wing , Backward Upward Turning , The Old Man Carries the Fish on His Back, Twist the Wing with Both Hands , Forward Upward Turning , White Crane Nods Its Head,White Crane Twists Its Head , Two Children Worship the Buddha,Wild Chicken Breaks Its Wings-155 min

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