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Kendo is the art of modern Japanese Swordsmanship. Its roots lie deep in Japanese culture and the spirit of the samurai warrior. Kendo originated a thousand years ago from Kenjutsu, an earlier ancestral form of swordsmanship using real swords on the battlefield and traces its origins back to Japan’s ancient martial culture. In 1952, the All Japan Kendo Federation was formed. Since then, Kendo has spread worldwide and has become international in scope. Mastery of kendo is achieved through training in the basics and the practice of the ten Nihon Kendo Kata. These kata consist of two-man sets, which use techniques that have actually been tested in combat with real swords. These kata make use of the ancient techniques of Kenjutsu as adapted to modern Kendo. On this video you will see the ten kata of Kendo performed masterfully by members of The All Japan Kendo Federation. This rare instructional material shows you every detail of these kata and the correct way to perform each kata. 35 min.


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