Art of the Steel Telescoping Baton – Book


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Tie Gun Lian Shi is the Art of the Steel Telescoping Baton. Tie Gun, which literally means Iron Stick blends modern technology with the ancient art of stick fighting. In this introductory title, Master Hei Long teaches you the fundamentals of the steeltelescoping baton including how to:

” choose a weapon ” step into the defensive gates ” defend at mid- & close range ” practice with a partner ” arm the baton ” strike key targets ” block and counterstrike ” customize your baton

At only nine inches long and weighing less than a pound, the telescoping steel baton can be an ideal personal protection weapon. Its small enough to carry on your belt, yet it snaps to a 26-inch long weapon with the flick of a wrist and is powerful enough to disable an attacker with one blow. Tie Gun Lian Shi: Art of the Steel Telescoping Baton is your guide to mastering this effective and powerful self-defense tool.-158pgs

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