Authentic Krav Maga


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Mind sets change, aggression types envolve and martial arts perspectives grow. Consequently our Krav Maga, based on simplicity is sometimes “diluted” by these parameters, at a risk of suffering a rather beneficial mix. For this reason we find Krav Maga with an Aikido tendency, and even blended with Filipino Martial Arts. All these influences have a positive input because it is a method which is alive. But there is a principle elemnet that we must never forget, and which permits Krav Maga to preserve its specific focus: Krav Maga is based on Phase One, a simultaneous defense and attack movement, at one time. The rule is simple: on the street we don’t have time and are movements are limited, therefore we will have time to only excute only one or two movements at most. For this reason movements must be as simple as possible, and as easy as possible to learn. Authenic Krav Maga is simple, effective and explosive and we will learn it from one of the most well known instructors in the world of self defense of our day, a legend in both Europe and America Alain Cohen.