Camouflage Ninja Uniform




Heavyweight-It’s an reproduction of a traditional Ninja outfit known as a Shinobi Shozoku. The uniform set consists of pnts with ties at the knees and ankles. The jacket features gauntlets on the sleeves to cover the hands and forearms. It also has a hidden shuriken pocket. The head piece comes in two parts the hood and the mask, both with ties. This uniform is just like the real thing! Very deluxe, heavier weight. Full uniform

Small – Fits 5’3″.120lb

Medium – Fits 5’7″,150lbs

Large – Fits 5’11”, 180lbs

XLarge – Fits6’2″,220lbs

XXLarge – Fits 6’4″,250lbs

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Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL