Chen Taiji Straight Sword and Five Methods of Push Hands


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The Chen Taiji Straight Sword form is an ancient weapon routine developed early in Chen Taiji history that is usually studied at the intermediate level. It enhances the balance and force. The straight sword form is a lucid example of Chen Taiji’s refined power. Chen Taiji Straight sword instills harmonization of softness and hardness, quickness and slowness, adhering and following and chansijing, the powerful “silk reeling energy”. Usage is based on precise footwork and wrist control that involves poking, flicking, stabbing, short cutting, and wiping with extremely focused power. Master Ren Guangyi’s execution of the straight sword exemplifies this precision.

Also presented is a demonstration of Chen Taiji’s five levels of push hands or tuishou and applications. Master Ren Guangyi’s execution of push hands introduces Chen Taiji usage to the novice.