Chin Na In Depth-Courses 9 to 12 DVD


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150min-Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming, one of the world’s foremost authorities on Chin Na (Qin Na) demonstrates and instructs his techniques up-close and in detail. Chin Na, the art of controlling an opponent through joint locks and acupressure cavities, is an essential part of all Chinese martial styles, and it will be a valuable addition to any other martial system. Each of these techniques is presented up-close and in detail, and can be found in Dr. Yang’s best-selling books “Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na” and Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na. Dr. Yang also shows corrections for common mistakes, as students demonstrate the techniques. Course 9: Control the Dragon’s Head Control the Dragon’s Tail Send the Devil to Heaven Turn the Body to Seize the Monkey Walk With Me Upward Elbow Wrap Low Elbow Press Old Man Promoted to General Left Right Cross Elbow Old Man Bows Politely Both Hands Seize the Murderer Twist the Arm and Press the Neck The Arm Holds the Dragon’s Head Course 10: Leg Chin Na 10 Leg-Controlling and Wrestling Techniques Course 11: Leg Chin Na 10 Leg-Controlling and Wrestling Techniques Course 12: Chin Na Counterattack Advanced Chin Na VS Chin Na Special Features: 43 Techniques/Scene Selections ” Language: English & Chinese ” Subtitles: English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch & Italian

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Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming