Chinen – Kumite


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This is the first time Master Chinen has ever done a DVD on Kumite. Wanting this series of DVDs to be better than any others on Goju, Master Chinen has taken the moves of Goju and applied them to kumite – which is a rare thing, as most know there is minimal kumite in pure Okinawan Goju. Well, no more! He has uncovered a new area of training in Okinawan Goju. As you will see and learn in this production, this is about sparring, not self defense. Master Chinen believes that this is one of best gifts that the Japanese have given to his Okinawan Goju. He developed this in Tokyo at the famous Yogi Dojo and since his move to America in 1969, he has continued to develop this new area of the art. Kumite Okinawan Goju style is refreshing and of great value to beginners and advanced students. Key words: Goju Ryu, Karate, kumite, sparring, Chinen, Okinawan karate