Chinen – Self Defense


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Bunkai Oyo and self defense on the street are different, and yet, the same and in this production you will learn these unique differences. Master Teruo Chinen has taken the bunkai Oyo of the kata and has applied it to daily situations for us all to learn from. You will learn to escape a full nelson, arm grabs, front and rear chokes, and so much more it is amazing! All by using the knowledge held within the katas of Okinawan Goju Ryu karate. He will show you how to get away from simple techniques as well as complicated techniques for both men and women. This is the production that puts it all together, as Sensei Chinen says, self defense is the main reason people come to a karate dojo. He demonstrates each technique slowly and with power. He shows the kicking, the arm breaks and leg locks, as well as all other aspects of self defense.