Complete Iron Palm Training for Self Defense Paperback


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About this bookA great variety of hand-to-hand fighting arts has been found in China since men first appeared there many thousands of years ago. It is reported in Chinese history that fighting arts were especially flourishing in Tang Dynasty AD 618-907 and few men were without skill in fighting art during that time. It is recorded in history that 13 monks living in the Shaolin Temple located in the north west of Tong Feng Hsien of Ho Na Provence came to the rescue of the emperor Tang Tai Chung and finally assisted the emperor in routing the revolting groups including the big warlord Wnag She Tsung.In view of the fact that the author has attributed the contents of this book from both his experience and the source of other schools maybe there are some points concerning the principles and methods used in this book not completely in agreement. If this occurs we think that the variance in Chinese schools can be accounted for the minor difference found in this book.Product DetailsAuth