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Filipino Double weapon fightiSinawali-meaning “woven”- is an intricate and devastating Filipino fighting system with ancient roots, perfectly suited to modern times, and its popularity is booming around the world. This fascinating stick and blade empty-hand defense employs a sinuous, polyrhythmic interweaving of leg and arm defenses and attacks, presenting a virtually impenetrable shield against potential attackers. Martial arts instructor Reynaldo S. Galang reveals the special hand techniques, the exact, quick footwork, and the working theory behind the art of Sinawali, through instructional text and clear photographs. Whether readers are interested in Sinawali for exercise, hobby, or as a means of self-defense, Complete Sinawali is their definitive guide. About the Author Reynaldo S. Galang, one of the most experienced instructors of the martial arts of the Philippines in the West, has been a protege of many well-known teachers of Filipino martial styles. He has been studying and teaching the arts for more than thirty years.

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