Chinese Liniment




2 oz bottle.

Iron Fist – Fist liniment helps to protect callouses on the hands and feet. Continued practices will make the hands and feet powerful and insensitive to pain and increase the strength of the bones internally.

Tie Bi – Used for wooden dummy training, cools the skin’s surface

Jade Goddess – A cold Liniment used in progressed stages of finger & hand training. Increases chi circulation though energy channels in the hand.

Imperial Phoenix – Imperial Phoenix-Fire Training When beginning a finger toughening program the Imperial Phoenix formula is used.

Eagle Talon – Used in conjunction with Dim Mak training

Chinese Muscle – Massage oil to help relieve aches and pains

Dit Da Jow – Loosens, soothes and relieves sore and pulled muscles.

Iron Palm – Iron Palm formula brings chi energy up to the hands to strengthen the skin, flesh, and bones of the hand against the incredible force of impact generated by an Iron Palm attack.

White Tiger – White Tiger is a cold liniment and can be used alone or in conjunction with an ice pack

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