Eagle Claw Chin Na – 72 Joint Locks – Parts 1 & 2


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The brutal joint locks and pressure point striking of Eagle Claw is revealed here for the first time. Known as Chin Na, this arsenal of attacks and counterattacks teaches you how to take advantage of the natural weaknesses of the human body. Using this traditional sparring form, you and a partner can safely train these destructive attacks without fear of injury. Packed with joint-wrenching techniques, Grandmaster Lau reveals you can follow the way of the Eagle to turn your fingers into destructive talons. You will learn how to effectively use Chin Na in combat to bring down the fiercest opponents! Each tape is approx. 45 minutes. 2 Part Series: Volume 1 is 1-37 Forms and Volume 2 is 38-72. 72 Joint Locks contains both Part 1 & 2

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