Filipino Martial Art Cebuano Stick Fighting #4 DVD GM Felix Roiles escrima kali


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Volume 4
Features Grandmaster Feilix Roiles teaching Filipino Stick Fighting.  Includes: Holds and Grip, Stances, Footwork, Basic Rolling, Targets Points, Defense Evading, Blocking, Strikes, Combinations, Entry to Defense and Counters, Full Contact Applications, and more!

Grandmaster Roiles accomplishments include: induction into the Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame, Three time World Full Contact Fighting Stick Champion, Fight and Stunts Choreographer, and Producer of: Filipino Martial Arts Instructional Videos.  He is a Military and Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor, Founder of the Pakamut International, Author of Filipino Martial Arts: The Cebuano Fighting Style, and has appeared in numerous magazines including Inside Kung Fu and Muscle and Fitness, and has been honored at the Martial Arts History Museum.