Gun Disarming Tactics, for the Streets DVD


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Imagine Your Worst Nightmare, a gun stuck in your face! Gun Disarming tactics, for the streets goes beyond safety and shooting fundamentals, using modern police, military and training techniques, you will learn how to disarm your opponent using just a few empty-hand skills. This program integrates step-by-step training with live seminar footage to create a comprehensive course for tactical law enforcement training and martial artists! Gun Disarming tactics  features founder of Defensive Tactics Options and experienced martial artist, Doug Young. Whether you deploy it for home defense or to disarm a criminal or terrorist in a self-defense situation, knowing how to use a handgun is a must in today’s violent world! – Interactive menu and chapter selection – Instructions of self defense tactics for real life situations and how to gain confidence in diffusing potentially dangerous situations. – Easy to Learn, Easy to practice with this DVD – Presented by founder of Defensive Tactics Options, Doug Young.

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