Health & Fitness in Plain English


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This remarkably rich book explores the most frequently asked about (and misunderstood) aspects of health, nutrition, and fitness. Each subject is addressed in non-technical language that aims to replace myths and misinformation with easy-to-apply knowledge. Ideal for individuals at any level of health and fitness experience, and for personal trainers and related health & fitness professionals who wish to share information with their clients in terms that they can understand. Includes information on Exercise (abs, stretching, workouts, body-building, weights, what works & what doesn’t), Health (heart, cholesterol, osteoporosis, body fat tests, weight loss), Nutrition (vitamins, health foods, diets supplements, ergogenc aids), Pain & Injury (back pain, neck, shoulder, and knee pain, ankle sprains, leg cramps, headaches) and much, much more.

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