Hwa Rang Do


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Defend, Take Down, Submit by Taejoon Lee with Mark Cheng Taejoon Lee (the eldest son of Dr. Joo Bang Lee) and Mark Cheng present a variety of easy-to-understand self-defense technique combinations complete with setups and variations for different attack situations. Through detailed photographs and instructions, this well-rounded collection of striking, joint-manipulation, throwing, grappling and submission techniques will help you develop empty-hand defenses for any position from any angle! Also included is a comprehensive technical analysis of hwa rang do submissions and a detailed history of the art, complete with archival photographs and representative artwork. The military, cultural, mythical and philosophical origins of Koreas legendary Hwarang Corps are discussed in unprecedented detail, providing a multi-dimensional history that leads all the way up to hwa rang dos founder and current leader, Dr. Joo Bang Lee.-227 pgs.

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