IDS Krav Maga


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Alain Cohen, head instructor of the Israeli Defense System, presents us with a sample of each part of the technical program IDS uses. Vocational adjustment and the best methods of Israeli civil defense are taught. We will find the complete program of Krav Maga to enable someone to channel their aggression and subdue the aggressive attacks of others. Cohen demonstrates and breaks down defense techniques against fist blows, strangulation, grabbing, controls and responses to individual suspects, defenses against threats and attacks with a knife, club, firearms and security techniques for bodyguards. Krav Maga is an explosive and violent fighting system that is spreading successfully throughout the world. Alain Cohen is one of the leaders and pioneers of Krav Maga and he presents a solid 50 minutes of vicious, hard core techniques. This is some of the best Krav Maga out there today.