Japan Ninjutsu Shinobiken


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Sensei Juan Hombre was accepted to study various traditional Japanese Ryu Ha, which still exist in Japan and Europe. He is now an official representative in the tradition art of Koga Ryu Ninjitsu. This fabulous DVD on Ninja Sword techniques, called Shinobi ken. Under his guidance, he teaches students the different areas of training with Shinobi ken: the ceremonial greeting, 7 Warm-up exercises, basic and advanced Kihon (blocks, 7 cuts, the 7 combinations) as well as a vast array techniques and strategies of the Ninja and the use of both direct and inverted sword skills (silent movements, sprints, body bearings, cheating and deception techniques preliminary, intermediate and advanced sword techniques, battlefield combat actions against samurai, night actions, and fast draw techniques). These are the maneuvers that differentiate them from other martial arts other then Ninja.

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Sensei Juan Hombre