Judo Basics of the Masters


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Once again Hal Sharp and his now famous Bushido Series has brought back to life names like Kotani, Kobayashi, Yoda, Ichijima, Samura, Tokuyama and Otaki. Names that would have been forgotten, Hal Sharp has now immortalized with this DVD capturing the history of Judo and its most important aspect – the Basics. The masters will teach you everything there is to know as a beginner from how to bow to how to fall and throw. You will learn personally from some of the best masters ever in Judo.They will teach you mat work, throws, and so much more like you can only imagine as these are the Senseis that actually invented many of these techniques themselves. This is the perfect HOW TO DO DVD for all beginners and intermediates as it teaches you the 100% correct way of performing the basics of the Gentle Art of Judo.