Judo’s Gentle Tiger


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This feature film is quite possible the forerunner of the “KARATE KID”… it was shot in the late 1970s and tells a story of a young boy who studies Judo to find himself. The young boy, who is Japanese, is training in Judo and becomes a champion – not just on the mat but also in life. His teacher, Judo’s legendary George Harris (1964 Olympian), teaches him not just the art and science of Judo, the Gentle way, but also the art of happiness. His teaching of the phrase Shabummi to his students makes the difference. The boy, who was born to a Japanese mother and an American father, finds himself living with his father who has no appreciation for the Martial Arts and only understands the language of money. Without giving away the story, the father in the end comes full circle and his son becomes a hero to the father as he teaches his father the true meaning of life through his martial arts. Key Words: Judo, martial arts movie,