Kyusho Jitsu Tuite Joint Lock


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On this DVD Master Pantazi teaches us the art of Kyusho, as applied to the manipulation of the joints. Tui means handling, or grappling hand grip, therefore Tuite refers to the art of manipulation or destruction of the joints, as part of the old-Kára of Okinawa. While the application of such techniques is usually destructive and damaging, by applying the principles of Kyusho we can achieve greater impact and more effect, or we can apply these techniques without causing permanent damage, by weakening the entire body of the opponent and causing various levels of dysfunction. This is very useful in today’s age when an attacker is likely to turn around and sue the victim, when the attacker is permanently injured or disfigured. It is also very useful in situations when you wish to subdue a person without causing any lasting damage at all. This is the principles of Kyoshu. Master Pantazi will put this power in your hands – to control any situation in the most appropriate and intelligent way possible.