Mastering Groundwork BJJ – Advanced Techniques


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Master instructor Darlynson Lira teaches all the advanced techniques you can imagine from Calf Slice, Turtle Choke, to his families own Lira Choke, Omoplata (shoulder blade) side control and at least 15 more amazing techniques for advanced students only. Master Darlynson Lira teaches the exact same way he learnt from his father one of Brazils most prominent and knowledgable instructors from Fortaleza Brazil in the north. After watching this DVD no matter what level you are at you will realize how much there is to learn in this terrific art of Brazilian Jiu Jistu as taught by a true master and his family that have learnt to blend the beauty of Japanese Jiu Jitsu with rigors and deadly techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Master Darlynson Lira