Mastering The Samurai Sword w/FREE DVD


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A Full-Color, Step-By-Step Guide People the world over are fascinated by the legends of the fearsome Japanese samurai warriors and their skill with the sword. While the samurai themselves may no longer exist, the enduring legacy of samurai swordsmanship  lives on. It is still taught and used today in the martial arts iai-jutsu and ken-jutsu. Mastering the Samurai Sword is an indispensable guide to the intriguing and challenging skills of the samurai. A perfect introduction to the samurai sword, this instructional guide not only covers the history, evolution and philosophy of the classic samurai weapon, but also provides practical guidance for mastering the samurai sword yourself. Beginners will learn everything from proper attire and behavior in the dojo to how they might practice at home, while more experienced users of the samurai sword will find a new appreciation for the deeper meaning and tradition behind the graceful way of the sword-Illustrations: 500 color photographs; DVD featuring demonstrations 224pgs Large 8 1/2 X 11

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