Me, Chi and Bruce Lee-Adventures in Martial Arts


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Me, Chi and Bruce Lee – Adventures in Martial Arts When self-described “spineless wuss” Brian Preston first sets foot in Sifu Bob’s Kung Fu Academy, he’s determined to earn a black belt within a year. But after suffering a cracked rib, damaged shoulder,and severely bruised ego, Preston hits the toad to figure out what martial arts are really about. Preston’s travels take him from his hometown of Victoria, Canada, to the storied Shaolin Temple and Wudang Mountain in China, back to Canada for a seminar with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend Royce Gracie, and on to Las Vegas to watch anarchist grappler Jeff “The Snowman” Monson strut his stuff at the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Never shying away from controversies and contradictions, Preston provides a fresh, insightful look at martial arts practices and theories. Whether he’s taking a beating in a Jiu Jitsu seminar, marveling at the unimpeded chi of his newborn daughter, or contemplating the films and philosophy of Bruce Lee, Preston weaves a hilarious narrative of his journey through the world of martial arts. Sprinkled with reflective detours into such serious subjects as the nature of violence and the state of modern China, Me, Chi, and Bruce Lee expertly blends a lively travelogue, a droll riff on the “innocent abroad” theme, and an informative introduction to global martial arts-304 pgs

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