Muay Thai Mechanics of Basics, Hands, Shifting and Elbows PART #1


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Saekson Janjira won over 200 fights and lost 4 in Muay Thai. Learn all the mechanics for the basics including, punches, shifting and elbows, and more. This DVD is where it all starts. After watching this DVD, you will totally understand why these are the absolute best DVDs ever produced on Muay Thai Kickboxing. Saekson Janjira is a man of respect and yet one of the art’s most unprecedented fighters. He is a legend in Bangkok and now you can have him as your own personal trainer. He speaks in clear english so that all can understand and discover the secrets of Muay Thai Kickboxing that have never been released to the rest of the world. Fighting Spirit Magazine says these DVDs will be classics for all who want to thoroughly understand the ins and outs of Thailand’s native fighting system. Key Words: Muay Thai, kickboxing, Thailand Martial Arts, basics