Ninja Levitation


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This book is a test. In it Grandmaster Ashida Kim demonstrates the famous Ninja Levitation, unlike any other magical performance of this mystical skill. He also explains other methods of how to perform this type of trick and challenges the Reader to figure out how it is done. You Will Learn: LEVITATION CLOAK OF INVISIBLITY PRINCIPLE Fifteen Human Levitation Methods Scarf Magic David Blaine Method Ametori no Jitsu Ghost In Darkness The Vanishing Salt Shaker MAKE OBJECTS VANISH MAKE OBJECTS APPEAR The French Drop Mirror Magic Palming Magic Production Box Finger Palming Mirror Meditation SEE THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE DO THINGS NO ONE ELSE CAN DO Optical Illusions The Force Floating Orange Ball Spirit Writing The Clouded Mind Sees Nothing Invisible Ink Let no one claim to be a Ninja lest they know at least a few magic tricks. Here is how some are done& Ashida Kim

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