Ninja Magick


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Among the Ninja there are three kinds of people, students, disciples and masters& From the Fox we learn to See the World… From the Viper we learn the Tools of the Art… From the Raven we learn Ritual and Ceremony& From the Scorpion we learn the Five Elements… From the Bat we learn to Ride the Wind& Given here are the Secret Signs and Symbols of the Ninjas Magickal Art — Not for beginners, this book delves deeply into the esoteric philosophy of the Shadow Warriors to explore the means and methodsof self actualization by which the Invisible Assassins of feudal Japan became legend. It is not by technique that the world is changed, it is by Will alone. Here are the tools with which to forge that Will and claim the Secret Sword as your own emblem of power and strength. Sensei Broussard is a registered member of the American Black Dragon Fighting Society with the rank of Black Belt 3rd Degree in the Art of Komuso Ninjitsu. His insight and explanation offered here is a doorway to the mystic realm of Magick, where all things are possible. Dare you step across that threshold&? 130 pages; illustrated, photos, charts

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