Patrick McCarthy’s Okinawan Karate Secrets


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In this presentation McCarthy Hanshi will show you many of the technical aspects of karate mixed with his unique ability to lecture, demonstrate and share some of the most valuable information ever recorded on Okinawan karate.

If you are interested in the fine high-level explanation of karate this is the program for you. After watching this program you will see why so many are now calling him the man who is following in the footsteps of the infamous Donn F. Draeger.

With over 50 years of research, training, travelling, and practice McCarthy Hanshi will is finally prepared to share this invaluable information with the masses of karate-ka who are in search for this information as well.

This is the information that many of the Japanese Okinawan masters wanted to share but because of language limitations were unable to share with those who only visited and stayed in Okinawa for a few weeks a year.