Power Breaking for Sport & Self-Defense DVD


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The Ultimate Guide to Breaking Bricks, Boards and Bones Reeves guides you step-by-step through the world of breaking by first teaching you how to construct a makiwara (punching post) and use it to condition your hands and elbows into true striking weapons.  He then explains the types of materials suitable for breaking and shows you how to test the power of your punches, strikes and kicks through breaking practice, first on single pine boards and later on huge stacks of concrete blocks. Since the ultimate goal of any striking skill is actual fighting application, Reeves also teaches you how to apply the same strikes that shattered bricks and boards to practical self-defense against a variety of common street attacks. Finally, taking breaking to the absolute limit, Reeves captures a world record on video, shattering 84 pine boards in less than nine seconds! Color,approx 60 min.

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Sensei Mike Reeves/Robert G. Yetman Jr