Scaling Force


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Dynamic decision making under threat of violence – Level 1 Presence. Staving off violence using body language alone. Level 2 Voice. Verbally de-escalating conflict before physical methods become necessary. Level 3 Touch. Defusing an impending threat or gaining compliance via touch. Level 4Empty-Hand Restraint. Controlling a threat through pain or forcing compliance through leverage. Level 5Less-Lethal Force. Incapacitating a threat while minimizing the likelihood of fatality or permanent injury. Level 6Lethal Force. Stopping a threat with techniques or implements likely to cause death or grievous bodily harm. It is vital to enter this scale at the right level, and to articulate why what you did was appropriate. If you do not know how to succeed at all six levels, there are situations in which you will have no appropriate options. More often than not, that will end badly.

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Rory Miller & Lawrence Kane