Shaolin White Crane Gong Fu: Basic Training DVD


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Vol 1 & 2-This comprehensive training video explores White Crane Gong Fu, (Kung Fu) one of the most famous martial styles developed in China. In Course 1, Dr. Yang presents a lecture explaining the theory and history of Shaolin White Crane Gongfu, and instructs fundamental stances, movements and hand techniques. In Course 2, Dr. Yang, explains and instructs fundamental Qigong exercises, Jin patterns, more basic movements and hand techniques. White Crane Qigong (Chi Kung) is a proven way to build explosive fighting power, known as Jin. In addition, the first bare hand form Qi Xing Quan and its applications is also taught. It is commonly recognized that Shaolin White Crane is the root of Okinawan Karate, and has heavily influenced Japanese martial arts. From this program, any martial artist can gain profound comprehension of empty-handed styles. Course 1: Learn the history of Shaolin White Crane Gong Fu from Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Fundamental stances Fundamental Qi Xing stepping Four Golden Points hand techniques Repelling and covering practice Bridge Hands and its applications Course 2: Fundamental hopping and jumping Major basic hand techniques Bridge Hands and its applications Fundamental Qigong Fundamental Jin patterns Bare hand sequence: Qi Xing Quan and its applications Special Features: Over 100 Scene Selections ¥ Language: English, French and Chinese/pinyin ¥ Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese ¥ Menus: English or French ¥ Chinese Glossary-150min

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Dr. Yang,Jwing Ming