Shito Ryu Karate #1


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#1 Cracking the Code of Kata Pinan (Heian) Shodan and Nidan It is 3,000 years old… It is the latest thing… Nearly everyone learns kata but sadly, not everyone knows what kata are really all about. Until now there was little, if any information available on kata meanings, themes, rules for kata creation, and the keys to “decoding kata”. The ancient masters had good reasons to camouflage the inner meaning of their art. Yet revealing the inner meaning of kata is essential for the art to grow and flourish! Now is that time… In this DVD series, you will learn: -A proven method for understanding kata creation and expression that will allow you to Crack the Code, as well as better understand and teach ALL the kata in your system -The embedded applications beyond bunkai and oyo (hidden techniques) -The Inner Meaning of Pinan (Heian) Shodan and Nidan and why they are practiced differently in Japan than in Okinawa -The Specific Feeling (kimochi) of each kata as compared to just raw spirit (damashi) -The timeless and universal lessons of life that are passed down generationally through traditional martial arts practice