Shito Ryu Karate Tomiyama Original


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Featuring Japanese Shito Ryu Master K. Tomiyama who is one of the style’s most talented masters. You will learn many of the Japanese Style’s katas. Although this is the first in the series of DVDs by Master Tomiyama, it is a great DVD as it includes the Pinans, Seisan, Sei Pai, Bassai Dai, Kosokundai, Jion and Seienchin, plus many more traditional forms. This style of karate was actually created and developed in mainland Japan. This is a DVD for all levels of students, from beginner to advanced, and it will help students to instructors in the understanding of this terrific style of karate Key Words: Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, Shotokan, Karate, Japanese Martial Arts, kata, Forms martial arts