Shito Ryu /Sanko by Frenette


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Shito Ryu Sankudo (Sankukai) was formed by Japanese Karate master Yoshinao Nanbu. Nanbu was a student of Chojiro Tani’s Shito Ryu -Shukokai, and the organization’s best and most famous representative. Along with Shotokan’s Kase, Nanbu had the biggest influence on the European Karate from its beginning. As an undefeated champion and a gifted instructor, and being of an inventive turn of mind, he originated Sanku kai, a style based on circular motions, and equally utilizing punching, kicking and sweeping techniques. Here, Jean Frenette teaches the basic of this elegant, innovative and efficient Karate style, that made him a world sensation. Sensei Frenette masterfully demonstrates the rich and original basic techniques of Sankudo, it’s two men fighting drills and forms. A rare opportunity to discover the insight of the Karate method that was the base to create the superb European Karate combatants. Key Words: Shito Ryu, Shotokan, sparring, Sankudo, karate