Six Seconds of Controlled INSANITY-DVD


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Fight-Stopping Techniques for Real Combat-To really work for you, a fighting system has to be brutal, direct and effective every time you need it. Extracting only the essentials of personal combat, best-selling author Joseph Simonet demolishes traditional  concepts of self-defense, transforming them into a violently focused attack system that teaches you all youll ever need to know about fighting. With just a few basic fighting tools, supported by superior attitude and functional movements, Simonet teaches you how to build a combat system that will destroy your opponent quickly no matter how he attacks you. He shows you how to determine your optimum fighting range and how to modify your weapons when that distance changes. From there, emphasizing realistic training for realistic situations, he shows you how to overwhelm your opponent in a matter of seconds, stopping him in his tracks and putting him down before he knows what hit him. From instantly breaking down your opponents guard to putting all of your explosive energy into your attack, Simonets system of personal combat will teach you to channel your calculated rage into truly effective self-defense. For information purposes only. Color, approx-95 min

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Joseph Simonet & Addy Hernandez