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A Streetwise Guide to Personal Protection Get no-b.s. techniques for close-quarter combat with and without weapons from a former navy man who brawled his way through the barrooms and back alleys of the world’s major ports for 20 years. Peppering his prose with gritty war stories that both entertain and enlighten, he passes on the lessons of a lifetime like he’s sitting on the barstool next to you. From punches, kicks, throws and pressure points to breakaways, blocks and bobs to ground grappling techniques, dirty fighting and street weapons, Bryant lays out his bag of brawling tricks and backs it up with a kickass physical training regimen. Then he shows you how to integrate them into a unique personalized combat form tailored to your needs. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or years of formal instruction to put Bryant’s hard-won wisdom to work for you. There are no belts, no formalities, no icons to pay homage to. Just a simple, straightforward program custom-made to make you more proficient at keeping yourself safe. photos, 152 pp. Raised among bootleggers and trained from age 6 in the fine art of melees and mayhem plus a couple of conventional fighting arts, Bill Bryant is a man who has put his skills to the test all over the world and lived to tell the tale. Past the ripe, old age of 60, he is an avid distance hiker, who also rock climbs, mountain bikes, cuts and splits wood, shovels snow and works out religiously six days a week.

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