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This DVD contains all the necessary information, tactics, techniques, and strategies for you to acquire the potential skills to escape from almost any attack when a knife is pulled on you. You will acquire the skills to turn a most dangerous situation instantly to your favor. It covers the concepts of distance: what a person can do with a knife at a farther distance, what you can do and when you should run away. This DVD shows numerous situations when the knife is pulled on you and touching your body. It covers the best techniques to utilize when the knife is being slashed or thrust at you. You’ll learn many techniques of how to defend against a knife when it is facing the front of your body, back, or even behind you at your neck. You will learn and acquire enough information so you will understand the roots of all the concepts. You will be able to modify the techniques to achieve effective success of survival in almost any situation and create the chance or moment to escape and stay alive.