Taekwondo The Essential Introduction


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This is the first introductory text to accurately portray the world’s most widely practiced martial art, Taekwondo, in its entirety. Inclusive of virtually all Taekwondo styles, including Olympic-Style, this unprecedented work integrates traditional and modern approaches, sport and self-defense, in a single concise text. Clearly written and expertly designed and photographed by the author of the landmark 896-page Taekwondo: Traditions, Philosophy, Technique, this unique book is essential reading for anyone seeking a succinct, unbiased, and accurate overview of Taekwondo’s history, philosophy, and techniques. Over 530 high-quality photographs and 62 illustrations Comprehensive chapters on history and philosophy Over 150 techniques, spanning basic skills, sport, and self-defense Concise overviews of Olympic-Style sparring and solo forms Precise anatomical drawings of 80 common vital targets Basic material to guide novices during their initial training Essential reading for anyone seeking a concise overview of Taekwondo-128 pages / 8.5″X 11″

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