The Cutting Season-A Martial Arts Thriller


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Do no harm& Honor your teacher& Cut without mercy& It s essential that you remember your previous lives, she said. Without that memory, you re doomed to repeat your lessons. You are a fearsome warrior no matter what skin you wear, no matter the shape of your eyes; its time to give up the scalpel and pick put your sword. Im a doctor. I said. And the way things look now, Im a schizophrenic doctor. Your visions always come true. She said. You are going to cut the man who burned his wife. Im telling you to cut him now! Dr. Xenon Pearl, mid thirties, is the best neurosurgeon in South Florida. He has a girlfriend; a close family and life should be great. But its not. Once his martial skills and deep training aided in his ability with a scalpel, now hes using his medical training to exact a vigilante justice. Spurred by the specter of his dead martial arts teacher, hes not sure if hes communicating with another dimension or losing his mind. All he has trained for is in peril. In the spirit of martial arts probity, The Cutting Season brings the traditional Asian martial arts novel to our shores, exploring human conflict, desires, and the search for moral certainties.-320pgs

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Arthur Rosenfeld