The Invisible Square Ring


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“The Invisible Square Ring” took over four years of research with teachers of different styles of martial arts. It’s a book of basic and intermediate sparring information and techniques for tournaments. You can use many of these ideas no matter what style of martial art you do. This book contains over 400 pages of useful information from Emotions to Strategy to Attacking to Training & Drilling plus many, many others. For example: How to save your energy . . . How not to get blind-sided . . . How to keep your opponent from running away when you attack . . . How to stop a spinning-back fist without blocking their strike . . . How to add inches on to your lead jab . . . plus many, many more.

This book is ideal for students with and without a teacher and it is also a great book for any martial art teacher to either start a sparring program or to add to their already existing program.-439pgs

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J.C. Kemmerer/Authorhouse