The Mind Inside Tai Chi by Henry Zhuang


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Tai chi’s big reward is a joyful heart
We all know tai chi can be very rewarding if you keep doing it. That’s the rub—consistently doing it!
How do you keep your motivation high day after day, year after year?
After more than thirty years of practicing tai chi chuan, author Henry Zhuang shares what has kept him with tai chi for so long, and how his tai chi evolved from a “mere exercise” to a rewarding path, improving his life and happiness. He promises this for you too!
If you are considering tai chi, this book is for you. It will present a clear exploration of the benefits of tai chi, such as strength, balance, vitality, virtue, courage, and harmony. This will help you make the decision to get involved.
If you already practice tai chi, you may need a boost to help you stay on track, overcoming obstacles in your progress.
Tip: Simply doing the act, focusing on aerobic activity alone, is not enough. You must find ways to advance both your mind-set and your physical body. Achieving this shift will change your tai chi profoundly. It will move from a mere act of doing to a way of following your joyful heart.  –  176 pages


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