The Nine Halls of Death-Ninja Secrets of Mind Mastery


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Ninja Secrets of Mind Mastery – In his groundbreaking books Knights of Darkness and Mind Manipulation, Dr. Haha Lung has shown the ultimate power of controlling the mind of your enemy. In The Nine Halls of Death he reveals the mystical power of overcoming your opponents body through the Japanese art of ninjitsu. Dr. Lung reveals the secret to mastering all nine halls (training areas) of the ninja; from unarmed combat and combat with various weapons to the mental crafts of stealth and spying. Dr. Lung guides you through such invaluable ninjitsu techniques as: The art of disguise; physical and mental discipline The Seventh Hall; the art of Espionage Mastering self and others through hand yoga (kuji-kiri) and upsetting balance (in-yo-jutsu) The art of mysticism (which include memory enhancement, visualization, and even self-hypnosis). By unlocking the ancient secrets of the masters, the modern fighter will learn to unleash the warrior within and discover the magical point where physical mastery melds with mental clarity-236pg

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