The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting


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Ancient martial arts legends tell of masters who possess a mysterious ability to defeat an opponent and in some cases even cause death with one perfectly placed blow. The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting transforms the myth into a modern, anatomically-based self-defense technique that allows smaller defenders to defeat larger attackers by striking at the vulnerable points on their bodies. Written by one of the world’s leading authorities and clearly illustrated with photos of each pressure point, this book shows how knowledge of the body’s vulnerable points can enhance both competitive fighting and personal self-defense skills. The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting doesn’t teach theoretical strikes, it presents the actual moves used throughout the world by military special forces and law enforcement agencies to disable opponents as quickly as possible. The moves in this book are straightforward and easy to learn. They are designed to empower anyone regardless of size or physical strength with the ability to stop an attacker using a minimal amount of physical strength.-134pgs, over 300 photo

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Vince Morris