The Ultimate Guide to Knife Combat


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More effective than a fist and more accessible than a gun, the knife is the most pragmatic self-defense tool. The Ultimate Guide to Knife Combat celebrates this simple, versatile, sometimes controversial weapon with essays and instructional articles written by the worlds foremost experts, including Ernest Emerson, Hank Hayes, Jim Wagner and David E. Steele.

The Ultimate Guide to Knife Combat presents an international cross section of knife cultures and stylesfrom the heroic legacy of Americas bowie knife to the lethal techniques of the kukri-wielding Gurkhas of Nepaland features essential empty-hand techniques, exercises to improve your fighting skills, and advice on choosing the knife thats right for you.

Spanning two decades of material from the Black Belt archives, The Ultimate Guide to Knife Combat provides everything you need to know about fighting with or against a blade.-312pg

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