The Way of Kata-A Comprehensive Guide


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A Comprehensive Guide for Deciphering Martial Applications-The Principles for Understanding Kata are Largely Unknown  Until Now The ancient masters developed kata, or “formal exercises,” as fault-tolerant methods to preserve their unique, combat-proven fighting systems. Unfortunately, they deployed a two-track system of instruction where an ‘outer circle’ of students unknowingly received modified forms with critical details or important principles omitted. Only the select ‘inner circle’ that had gained a master’s trust and respect would be taught okuden waza, the powerful hidden applications of kata.

The theory of deciphering kata applications (kaisai no genri) was once a great mystery revealed only to trusted disciples of the ancient masters in order to protect the secrets of their systems. Even today, while the basic movements of kata are widely known, advanced practical applications and sophisticated techniques frequently remain hidden from the casual observer. The principles and rules for understanding kata are largely unknown.

This groundbreaking book unveils these methods, not only teaching you how to analyze your kata to understand what it is trying to tell you, but also helping you to utilize your fighting techniques more effectivelyboth in self-defense and in tournament applications.

Fifteen general principles to identify effective techniques Twelve discrete rules for deciphering martial applications Comprehensive insights into kata history, strategy and tactics Vital physiological considerations Well organized materials for easy reference and comprehensive understanding-406 pgs-515 illust

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