The Way of Kendo & Kenjitsu


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This book addresses advance level Kendo skills including equipment, exercises, wazas and the last three katas of the All Japan Kendo Federation, which uses the short sword (Wakizashi). Equipment of Kendo and its care Advanced Waza Fundamental Movements All Japan Kendo Federation Short Sword (Kodachi) Katas About the Samurai and his swords Sword Collecting Sword Nomenclature Darrell Max Craig studied Karate in Okinawa under Sensei Z. Shimabuku in addition to many other renown teachers in the USA and Japan. He holds 6th Dan in Kendo (Renshi), Karate (Koyshi) and Jujitsu (Kyoshi); 5th Dan in Iaido (Menjo-Inka) and Kobudo; 4th Dan in Judo and Aikido. He is a martial arts choreographer for a number of feature films and author of numerous books including Mugai Ryu (YMAA) and The Heart of Kendo (Shambala Pub). Darrell Max Craig lives in Houston TX.

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